A Waterfall of Light Crystal Meditation

To celebrate the release of the latest Peachfront Press ebook, Crystal Cash Chakra Magick: The Rainbow Path to Prosperity,” we have created an extended audio meditation that you can use while relaxing with your crystals. This meditation, called a Waterfall of Light, is designed to help you get in touch with the little known “overhead” chakra — a sort of psychic door to Spirit that can be visualized as being above the crown of the head. If you connect well with that chakra, you could really blast through some blocks that have been holding you back.

The entire script will be in the next book, in case you prefer to record the meditation in your own voice. And there will be lots of interesting information about this little-known chakra or energy center as well as a continued exploration of how to use crystals to manifest prosperity.

An Energy Meditation, My Holiday Gift to You

In honor of the hectic holiday season– and the upcoming new Peachfront Press book, Crystal Cash Chakra Magick: The Rainbow Path to Prosperity by Amethyst Qu, I’m hosting a meditation with a focus on clearing blocks to the root chakra. Get energized, and get ready to manifest your prosperity.

If you prefer to record the meditation in your own voice, the entire script will also be included in the upcoming book. Stay tuned.

Crystal Cash Spells, a free ebook as our gift to you from Peachfront Press

Crystal Cash Spells Amazon bestseller

I’m delighted to announce that Peachfront Press has published a new short ebook on crystal folklore and magick called Crystal Cash Spells: Three Ways to Change Your Money Luck Today. At the time of writing, it has hit #1 in the New Age < Crystals category for free ebooks. Enjoy it as a free download with our best wishes for the holiday season. We hope it helps you create a prosperity mindset that will last all year round. Here are some of the places where you can download your new ebook for free. Amazon for Kindle and Kindle apps: Crystal Cash Spells on Amazon
Barnes & Noble for Nook users: Crystal Cash Spells at B&N
Apple users: Crystal Cash Spells for iTunes/iBooks
Kobo users: Crystal Cash Spells for Kobo

Once you’ve had a chance to read it, if you like it, we’d be thrilled if you came back and left a review at Amazon, Goodreads, and anywhere else you review books. Send me a link to your honest review, and I’ll add you to the “thank you” drawing I’m hosting on Feb. 14, 2016. I’ll be giving away a trio of one emerald, one ruby, and one sapphire suitable for use in metaphysical meditations to the winner. Worldwide shipping. If you want to double your chances of winning, you can leave your review in more than one place– for instance, you can leave it both on Amazon and Goodreads. Right now, you’re getting really great odds.

Because this book is quite short, we worked with Amazon to make sure it will remain posted permanently for free. But we still need reviews to help other readers find it. Thank you so much in advance for your help.

Crystal Cash Spells cover