Peachfront Conure Updates– Older and Bolder

26 year old peachfront conure hen with two eggs

26-year-old Ronnie and her two eggs, photo by Elaine Radford

a 26 year old peachfront conure pair

Sheldon & Ronnie in new roostbox May 2016, photo by Elaine Radford

So this happened. To celebrate the 26th birthdays of the first peachfronts I bred myself, I replaced their old flight cages with new, tall cages on wheels. At 26, which is quite old for a small conure, they are no longer flying much. Instead, they climb around, and it was becoming quite effortful for them in the old flights. So we got them all set up with brand new spiffy supersized habitats that can roll in or out while giving them lots of play space. We also removed the old, well-chewed roostboxes and replaced them with new ones.

So… Sheldon and Ronnie took this as a sign of spring and immediately began to hump. They are too cute together, but I really didn’t expect a 26-year-old hen to lay eggs. Even clear eggs. But she did. I let her sit on them a couple of weeks to work off that instinct to brood, and then I safely removed them.

Courtney and Dale have been playing house too. But Dale hasn’t laid any eggs in a few years. So I was bemused to watch her go through the motions of spending several days sitting tight in the roostbox, with Courtney on guard just outside the door. She was all broody and squatting and sitting… on invisible eggs that didn’t exist.