Bring your sense of humor, and hold on tight. The weird and wonderful world of Peachfront is only for the discerning peachfront conure and parrot owner, đồ đi chùa, and all-round weirdness and adventure seeker. Peachfront Press started as a bird care reprint house but is now focusing on science fiction with a strong focus on transhumanist and singularity themes.

But first…A little advertising blurb before we get to the Peachfront Conure goodness, since being a Peachfronted Conure fan doesn’t pay the bills. Some of you know that I’m a published writer. Need a book, article, or blog post re-written or ghost-written? Check out my published samples and contact information on my

22 yr old peachfront conure

Courtney, a 26 year old peachfront conure I bred myself

If you’re thinking of getting a Peachfronted Conure, or if you already have one and just need a little more information about how to give your Peachfront a great forever home, then COME ON DOWN to my dedicated, all Peachfront, all the time, blog specifically for Peachfront Conure owners and admirers.

If you want the best FREE information about Peachfront Conures on the planet, you must visit this blog. Heck, all modesty aside, it’s better than the very limited paid information I’ve seen on these birds. I do not sell birds, and I’m not trying to “sell” you on a bird; I just want to get the best possible information out there so we can give our pets great homes.

me with Cessna in Bolivia

Here’s a Cessna I leased to visit the Bolivian Pantanal, home of hyacinth macaws and peachfront conures.

But wait…there’s more. I am also one of the most prolific diarists on the internet, and the world wide web stands aghast at the size of my ginormous, gargantuan, rambling, out of control online personal diary, covering over 12 years of crazy adventures, from my whackadoo casino gambling exploits to my fantastic, mouth-watering specialty bird-watching trips.

Nope, I don’t have the biggest list out there. I’m about quality, rather than pinning down every Little Brown Job out there. You keep the Empidonax, and I’ll take the Madagascar Serpent-Eagle.

But whether I’m crushing with Ace King in a no limit game in Macau or scrambling up the side of a virgin forest hillside in Madagascar to look down into a Hentz Goshawk’s nest, I’m not one of these travelers who blogs just to brag about how many Business Elite seats I’ve snagged and how much free champagne I’ve guzzled in the lounge. Although, come to think of it, there’s a decent amount of that stuff too, heh. You can find my best bathroom exhaust fan, wonderful diary by visiting its home at Diaryland.

But be warned: Even my psycho stalker can’t read it all. There are longer out there, but they’re mostly under password and key by this time of century. Hey! I might be the longest, rambling-est open diary still out there…

Kindle cover of The Mortal Passage Trilogy

The Mortal Passage Trilogy by Roger WIlliams

Peachfront Press is the name of my publishing empire, which started with The 10 Best Things You Can Do For Your Bird by Elaine Radford, which contains 28 of my previously published pieces from BIRD TALK and BIRDS U.S.A., including 8 surveys of over 200 real bird owners sharing their experiences and advice. Amazon has an extremely generous free sample at the time of this writing, you can actually read two chapters for absolutely free before you make up your đồ lam đi chùa. Includes my popular “Birds and Music” series which was originally published in Bird Talk magazine. Look inside for free right now.

Everybody, don’t forget, even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can always get free apps at Amazon to read the book on your computer or smartphone. Try it, you’ll like it.

I’m also the editor and publisher of The Mortal Passage Trilogy by Roger Williams, better known as localroger, the the international sensation who wrote the singularity classic, The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect.

Don’t know Roger yet? Why not check out this free-wheeling podcast at SpaceTimeMind, where Roger talks with philosophers Pete Mandik and Richard Brown about “Singularity and Sociopathy” — perhaps the most đồ lam in The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect.tamorphosis of Prime Intellect.

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